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Illusion broken

I wrote the following on Sept 3, 2020 and shared it on a closed “metooDhrupadSansthan” whatsapp group to share the shock, anger and despair many of us inside the institute … Continue reading

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Play my Love

Play my child, Let every moment be your Beauty Play my friend, Let the heavens hear your Melody Play my love, Let her Essence enter your Body

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Fallen from Grace

Fallen from Grace have I Lost my wings in the storm Let the next gust to come Take me away…   May you always find Grace May the flowers in … Continue reading

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Letting the Soul catch up with the Body

I heard the thunderous announcement of an evening guest just a few minutes ago. He slowly danced his way through each tree. As he neared, I listened to him kiss … Continue reading

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A newborn voice

Lying still, still lying At once mother and child Giving birth, being born Curled in pressure and pain Time infinite, death nearing Piercing galaxies within Inhaling questions, exhaling melodies The … Continue reading

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A new ache dawns

I slept under the moon, Walked under the stars, Gazed into countless eyes, Took deep, whale breaths, Listened to the tail of each note, Looking for you.

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If the heart is willing to see

His Silence burns in my heart where tender love once struggled to bloom into experience.   The sacred gleams from deep within, Matches the full moon in its brilliance, Whispers … Continue reading

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Shadows come to Light

The ground is infested, the plant covered in white fungus, rodents nibbling away at the leaves.   Yet, a solitary flower blooms at the top, seeking the sun determinedly, looking … Continue reading

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Let the Flowers Bloom

Through countless droughts and floods, Flowers bloom endlessly in Fertile soil.   From the Depths of her Being, Far from the Light that Blinds your eyes and mine, In Silence … Continue reading

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Life started when I left it

I remember suddenly standing still in the middle of West 24th street, having just walked out of a class at Sivananda Yoga Centre. Nothing was wrong, just that I felt … Continue reading

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What is “happily ever after”?

It had been a year and a half since I left my job and life in New York to start over from scratch in India. Over a year since I … Continue reading

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Freedom often comes through struggle.

I remember laying on the surgery bed in Chennai years ago as they struggled with my eye surgery (phakic IOL implant) to correct my nearly-blind vision. I could feel what … Continue reading

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Let’s Heal the Rape Culture

Someone on my FB wall posted that protecting ourselves and our children is more important than changing the attitude of people that commit such heinous crimes as that of Asifa in Jammu. And … Continue reading

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The girl behind the smile

There are two things in my life that have been most emotional for me — dance and health. If you ask me about either of these, or if touches on … Continue reading

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