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For the love of the native breed of bulls and the way they are treated as family and integrated into daily life, the world can learn from the celebration of Jallikattu. Banning it is a reflection of our fast-paced life that lacks the space to slow down and truly understand things for what they are, in all their complexity. If one doesn’t have to time to delve into understanding the matter, then one should not meddle with it.

Having a pet in your home is cruel, eating meat, eggs, milk, etc from the meat industry is cruel, buying fur and leather bags, jackets, belts is cruel, animal theme parks like seaworld are cruel, zoos are cruel, horse-racing is cruel. Before we talk about Jallikattu, and the elements of cruelty in it, let’s talk about all these much newer practices which have come about purely, purely for enjoyment for the human being. Nothing else. Jallikattu, on the other hand, is a 5000-yr old practice with a more integrated into life origin than all these self-satisfying cruelties just mentioned. It is a testament to traditional knowledge and practices that are a mix of age old wisdom and new ideas. The name Jallikattu itself means BullEmbracing, so let’s first acknowledge that.

In our refusal to respect and try to learn from traditional knowledge, culture and the broader holistic view behind the things around us, we are limiting our understanding of the world. Because this is about more than just Jallikattu. My word for the world for the 21st century: Holistic. Let’s gain a holistic understanding of the world around us rather than reducing it to pictures, sound bites and immediate emotional responses.

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