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Life started when I left it


I remember suddenly standing still in the middle of West 24th street, having just walked out of a class at Sivananda Yoga Centre. Nothing was wrong, just that I felt something I’d never felt before; hence something I had no words for. I just stood there and took in the new sensation as people and cars whizzed by. There was so much energy within me, but I didn’t feel the need to do anything. My mind said there was a lot to do but I felt content just standing there. The exciting and full life I knew suddenly seemed grounded in stillness. The sensation was so striking that the madness around me had faded into the background.
Though it had been there before, it was in that moment that Yoga actually settled itself into my life. It was then that a new world had opened up for me from within. I knew this was something that needed to be explored. Soon after, I would give up my entire life in NYC and start over from scratch in India, with absolutely no plan, keeping Yoga as my base.

A lot has happened since, but it all started in this mad city. A dramatic story needs a dramatic picture!

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