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Letting the Soul catch up with the Body

I heard the thunderous announcement of an evening guest just a few minutes ago. He slowly danced his way through each tree. As he neared, I listened to him kiss … Continue reading

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A new ache dawns

I slept under the moon, Walked under the stars, Gazed into countless eyes, Took deep, whale breaths, Listened to the tail of each note, Looking for you.

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If the heart is willing to see

His Silence burns in my heart where tender love once struggled to bloom into experience.   The sacred gleams from deep within, Matches the full moon in its brilliance, Whispers … Continue reading

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Shadows come to Light

The ground is infested, the plant covered in white fungus, rodents nibbling away at the leaves.   Yet, a solitary flower blooms at the top, seeking the sun determinedly, looking … Continue reading

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Let the Flowers Bloom

Through countless droughts and floods, Flowers bloom endlessly in Fertile soil.   From the Depths of her Being, Far from the Light that Blinds your eyes and mine, In Silence … Continue reading

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Crash Landing

Crash landing We’re scrambling Pieces of the past Crash into now Makes me wonder How could that dance End in this crash?

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In the blink of three years

The unknown seer within led me silently, softly, steadily to you. Reason led me astray Into the rough currents of confusion. You pulled me close Without knowing why. We struggled … Continue reading

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Held close and nourished With love and acceptance, Rubbed and Polished With statues and unfair punishment, Your light shines so bright, I can see you clearly now. For three days … Continue reading

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Diverging and converging, this river of ours flows ceaselessly. Two ginger mint martinis clinking to the pregnant surprises of tomorrow. A celery leek soup with poached pears our shared ecstasy. … Continue reading

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The air around me is streaked with your colors And my thoughts are smudged with the crimson of your goodbye. My strides never matched your long legs But I stand … Continue reading

March 2, 2014 · 2 Comments

Heart Openers

I see the joy in a toddler’s face and try to make it mine but I can’t.  The toils of life has hardened me/us and created blocks to that pure … Continue reading

August 9, 2012 · 1 Comment

What does it mean to “fall in love”? What does it even mean?

Its unbelievable that one can live on this planet for 32 years, have varied experiences, introspect, etc and still be a baby when it comes to the most important aspect … Continue reading

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