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Let’s Heal the Rape Culture

Someone on my FB wall posted that protecting ourselves and our children is more important than changing the attitude of people that commit such heinous crimes as that of Asifa in Jammu. And … Continue reading

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Dreams, Desires, Destiny

Emerald dreams dressed in clover Looking for room to breathe Desires floating past Looking for an excuse to speak Around the corner lies destiny As willing as the boy poised … Continue reading

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Hardened Soul

You can keep your thick skin and fat stomach all to yourself! Keep skimping, screaming and honking for a few rupees in a land of gold! Your wisdom and richness … Continue reading

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Comfortably numb

I am glad my blood still boils when I see misguided, thoughtless actions.  And I’m glad I can quickly bring it back to normal through reason and breath.  And I’m … Continue reading

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Happy tummy in India

I’ve had many in-depth, stimulating discussions in the past–the most memorable and resonating ones were with my dad who is on the same wavelength as me on this topic–about life … Continue reading

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